The company was established in 1962 by Mr.Sumanasiri Ranatunga  & it was known as ‘udugampola car sale’ in 1982 Mr.Sumanasiri Ranatunga’s son Anil Saroj Ranatunga who changed the name to ‘Ranatunga Motors (PVT) Ltd’  & Start importing  re-conditioned motor-cycles from Japan.  After several  years “Ranatunga Motors (PVT) Ltd” became dominate player in motor cycle trade & proudly serving many sri Lankans.

Meantime company began to import brand new motor cycles from china converting  a new area , company introduce  a motor-cycle in sri lankan name calls “RANOMOTO”. During this 30 years company has developed in many ways & it has wide dealers & distribution network all over the island.

To give customer the better service company always try to improve its quality by introducing variety of Brand new motorcycles to meet buyers needs.